Bridal Shower on the Arab Street

28/08/2015 Bridal Shower Party

Such a fun group of gals!

I was having a lot of fun with these crazy girls. Just have a look on the pics below and you’ll know what I mean :)

Bridal-Shower-01 Bridal-Shower-02 Bridal-Shower-03 Bridal-Shower-04 Bridal-Shower-05 Bridal-Shower-06 Bridal-Shower-07 Bridal-Shower-08 Bridal-Shower-09 Bridal-Shower-10 Bridal-Shower-11 Bridal-Shower-12 Bridal-Shower-13 Bridal-Shower-14 Bridal-Shower-15 Bridal-Shower-16 Bridal-Shower-17 Bridal-Shower-18 Bridal-Shower-19 Bridal-Shower-20 Bridal-Shower-21 Bridal-Shower-22 Bridal-Shower-23

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