She is getting married!

25/04/2015 Bridal Shower Party

Has anyone here ever got a photo shooting as a bridal shower present? How cool is that? :) Girls, which I am about yo present you, are the best friends from the primary school. And week before the wedding of one of them they organised friends photo shooting.

SabrinaBridalShower-01 SabrinaBridalShower-02 SabrinaBridalShower-03 SabrinaBridalShower-04 SabrinaBridalShower-05 SabrinaBridalShower-06 SabrinaBridalShower-07 SabrinaBridalShower-08 SabrinaBridalShower-09 SabrinaBridalShower-10 SabrinaBridalShower-11 SabrinaBridalShower-12 SabrinaBridalShower-13 SabrinaBridalShower-14 SabrinaBridalShower-16 SabrinaBridalShower-17 SabrinaBridalShower-20 SabrinaBridalShower-21

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